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A Complete Guide on Shaving Cream Toddler Activity for Sensory Play

Shaving Cream Toddler Activity
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Shaving cream toddler activity is a great tool for sensory play with toddlers. It provides a soft, squishy texture for little hands to explore and can be used in a variety of ways to create different sensory experiences. In this complete guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of shaving cream sensory play for toddlers, as well as some easy and fun toddler shaving cream activities you can try at home.

What is Sensory Play

First, let’s talk about the benefits of sensory play for toddlers. Sensory play helps toddlers to explore and make sense of the world around them through their senses. It helps to develop their fine motor skills, language skills, and cognitive skills. Sensory play can also be calming and help to improve a toddler’s emotional regulation. Shaving cream, in particular, provides a safe and unique texture for toddlers to explore, and it’s easy to clean up.

Senses involved in Toddler Shaving Cream Activity

Toddler shaving cream activity allows for sensory exploration through touch, sight, and smell. As toddlers squish and manipulate the soft, fluffy shaving cream, they are using their sense of touch to explore the texture. They can also see the shaving cream change color and form different shapes, stimulating their sense of sight. And, with the added scent of the shaving cream, their sense of smell is also engaged. Sensory play activities like this one help to stimulate a toddler’s senses and promote the development of their cognitive and fine motor skills.

Ideas for Shaving Cream Toddler Activity

Now, let’s get to the fun part – shaving cream toddler activity! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Shaving cream painting

Shaving cream painting is a simple and fun toddler activity that allows for creativity and sensory exploration. To get started, all you need is some shaving cream and a tray or plate. Squirt a bit of shaving cream onto the tray and let your toddler use their fingers or paintbrushes to create designs and patterns. You can even add a few drops of food coloring to the shaving cream for a colorful twist. This activity allows toddlers to explore the soft, fluffy texture of the shaving cream and use their creativity to make unique works of art.

Shaving Cream Sensory Bin

A shaving cream sensory bin is another easy and engaging activity for toddlers. To create one, simply fill a large container with shaving cream and add small toys, such as plastic animals or counting bears. Your toddler can use their hands to dig through the shaving cream and discover the hidden treasures. This activity not only provides a unique sensory experience, but it also helps to develop fine motor skills and encourage imaginative play.

Shaving cream and playdough

Shaving cream and playdough is another fun combination for toddlers. To create the dough, mix a small amount of shaving cream into a batch of homemade playdough. The result will be a soft and squishy dough that your toddler can use cookie cutters and rolling pins to create shapes and figures with. This activity allows for both sensory exploration and creativity.

Shaving cream and water

Shaving cream and water is another simple and enjoyable activity for toddlers. Fill a large tub or sink with a few inches of warm water and add a generous amount of shaving cream. Let your toddler use cups and spoons to scoop and pour the shaving cream and water mixture. This activity provides a unique sensory experience and helps to develop fine motor skills.

Shaving cream and baking soda

Shaving cream and baking soda is another easy and fun toddler activity. Simply mix together equal parts of shaving cream and baking soda to create a fizzy, bubbly substance. Your toddler can use their hands to squish and mold the mixture or use it to create designs on a tray. This activity provides a sensory experience and helps to encourage creativity and imagination.

Remember to supervise your toddler at all times during these activities and make sure they do not ingest the shaving cream. And, as with any messy activity, it’s a good idea to put down a plastic tablecloth or protect your surfaces before getting started.

We hope these toddler shaving cream activities have inspired you to try out some sensory play with your little one. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it!

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